Tip Tuesday: The Art of Layering

Winter time is usually the time when we want to only wear pajamas and cuddle up under big cozy blankets and watch Netflix all day. Unless you are working from home, most of us girls can’t do that everyday. The struggle is real, I know. Just because it is winter, we can’t feel demotivated to get dressed in the morning. We just need to find ideas on how to dress without looking frumpy or looked like a big ball of yarn.  Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: The Art of Layering”

Marled Sweater

Hey guys!

I have a quick outfit post from Sunday. This is a casual, everyday, running errands, go shopping, super comfortable type of outfit and it is sort of my go to “uniform” for the past few months. Since the weather wasn’t crazy cold yesterday, I did not wear a coat with it, which I regretted afterwards because the temperature dropped really fast, and it didn’t help either since it was hella windy too. I went to the outdoor mall to do some retail therapy, but kinda disappointed because I did not find anything I like. Super picky, I know.

I hope you enjoy these photos. =) Continue reading “Marled Sweater”