Tip Tuesday: Natural Way to Remove Waterproof Mascara


Hi everyone!

Today on Tip Tuesday, I want to share with you a natural way to remove waterproof mascara. This method of removing mascara is so gentle on your eyelashes and it does not contain all the harmful and harsh chemicals that you get from a name brand eye makeup remover at the drugstore. Not only is it gentle, but also it is healthy for your eyelashes. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: Natural Way to Remove Waterproof Mascara”


Tip Tuesday: 3 Simple DIYs Tips to Try at Home

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been slacking on posts for a few days, and it is totally not my fault. If you follow me on twitter (which you should ;)), you would already know that I do not have any access to the internet eversince we got hit by a major thunderstorm last Saturday. It took out our phone lines, cable and our internet. The mister and I have been sitting around reading like the olden days. Oh, how spoilt we are by modern technology. But, at least I still have 4G. And so, I’m typing away on my phone, trying not to miss Tip Tuesday. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: 3 Simple DIYs Tips to Try at Home”

Tip Tuesday: My Beach Bag Essentials


Summer vacation is coming! Who’s excited? I know I am. I’ve been going to our neighborhood pool ever since it opens during memorial day, but, I need to take a break from the pool since fasting month is starting this Thursday for us Muslims. I have so much plan for this summer. I want to go back country camping, hiking, go hang out at the pool or the beach, or go to themed parks. There is so much to do during the summer time. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: My Beach Bag Essentials”

Tip Tuesday: Quick and Easy Glowing Skin for Summer


Hi ya’ll! On this week Tip Tuesday I will share with you how to get quick and easy glowing skin that is perfect for the summer time. Well, you actually can do this everyday or anytime of the year for that matter. Not everyone likes wearing a full face of makeup, but still wants to look put together and natural. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: Quick and Easy Glowing Skin for Summer”

Tip Tuesday: How to Find the Perfect Sunscreen for your Skin Type


Tip of the day: Finding the perfect sunscreen for your skin type

One of the many things we always forget to do when doing our skincare routine is applying sunscreen. I never like wearing sunscreen because they leave a white cast and are really hard to blend in, so I always opt for a moisturizer with some SPF in it, thinking that would be sufficient but I ended up hating those types of moisturizers because of my dry skin.Two days ago, I was talking to my girlfriend about skincare stuff because she is a beautician and beauty advisor and I have always asked her for skincare advice and recommendations. She was telling me about sunscreens and how to find the perfect sunscreen for your skin type. I did more research into this and thought I would share some tips with you to my best knowledge. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: How to Find the Perfect Sunscreen for your Skin Type”